What’s happening in 2017

Hive engage corporate leaders and managers with new ways of thinking and behaving. We nurture cross-pollination between executives and entrepreneurs through a core programme of personalized, one-on-one matching, group workshops and on-going members group initiatives.

Hive is currently running a Pilot Program for Unilever Senior Executives with the Unilever Foundry.

It is rolling out open programmes from March 2017.



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“Any time you get a chance to pitch to an audience of smart people, I am a taker. An additional value is the price testing exercise: it validated the tool and informed me of the need to run it with my target audience.  This was valuable because very direct and is different to pitches and presentations where the audience is more passive.”
– Founder of Biketracker.com

“The most beneficial outcome of Hive so far was to be matched with the executive you selected “for me”. Now I have a connection with a senior executive, a decision maker in a multinational company, who is friendly, has the commercial acumen, and has been an entrepreneur herself. I would never have found such a good match. She gave me useful insights on how the corporation she works for operates. She informed my thinking about how to approach large organisations that are our prospective clients.”
– Founder of Provenance