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Hive engage corporate leaders and managers with new ways of thinking and behaving. We nurture cross-pollination between executives and entrepreneurs through a core programme of personalized, one-on-one matching, group workshops and on-going members group initiatives.

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Hive Programmes.

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“Enlightening experience that raises awareness about some key challenges and opportunities we encounter in our day to day job. Very intense and energising. It also gives insights about the benefits of qualitative networking. The Hive is buzzing. We meet individuals who think differently. I had a great interaction with Fiona, the start-up founder you matched me with.”
– Executive in the Luxury Goods

“A benefit is clearly to get to know entrepreneurs personally, how they think and how they approach their priorities. It’s both humbling and makes you realise what this cross-fertilisation can bring to the group.”
– Executive in the Online Retail Industry

“I really enjoyed the collective sessions. It’s rare for me to be taken outside of my normal working environment. Think about different things, interact with different people. The products were fascinating. It’s exciting and very refreshing. I love what I do but it is very focused around one industry. It sparks the brain in a different way.”
– Executive in Aviation Finance