Injecting new energy into a legacy corporate culture.

The Executive

A business unit director at a global heritage luxury brand under pressure to generate sales through traditional retail distribution channels.

Matched with…

The founder of a peer2peer platform for fashion looking for distribution and investors.



The Hive sessions focused on identifying possible synergies between the entrepreneur’s business and the executive’s company. Hive offered the entrepreneur direct access to a potential distributor. The executive apprehended the reach of the Circular Economy through the start-up’s P2P business model. The executive discovered a more consumer-centric way of thinking. Together they identified and benchmarked with other Hive members innovative ideas to leverage the latest social media trends.

“This was an enlightening experience that raised awareness about some key challenges and opportunities we encounter in our day to day job. I have been pushed outside my comfort zone which was very intense and energizing. I had a great interaction with the start-up founder you matched me with. It is the first week after 5 weeks that we have not spoken!”
– Senior executive, Luxury brand, March 2016

“Hive gave me confidence in my abilities. Right after the collective meeting, I had a strategic 3- year planning meeting and I’m pretty sure I performed better than if I had spent the whole morning preparing it.”
– Senior executive, Luxury brand, March 2016

“Breaking the code of large corporate is complicated and takes a longer time. It’s hugely valuable to have someone from the inside tell you how to approach them and tailor your pitch.”
– Founder of Rentez-Vous, Fashion rental marketplace.



The Hub offers a framework to the executive and entrepreneur to nurture and test their partnership options in a secure and reliable environment.

“Hive offers a space to interact with passionate entrepreneurs within a constructive and open framework without a given agenda. It allows for rich, creative and interactive, trustworthy and not judgmental exchange that is not related to any transactional goal. It is unique, specially engaging and enriching.”
– Senior executive, Luxury brand, March 2016 .