Create a catalyst for change and innovation.

The Executive

The CTO of a global financial data analysis company developing a bold strategy to integrate IT innovation across the Group. The executive is the co-founder of a business acquired by the financial data company years ago. He is now looking to test and validate his strategy before championing it internally.

Matched with…

The founder of a start-up creating an innovative universal digital communications tool, looking for senior advice on target market and segmentation.



The pair worked on the segmentation of the entrepreneur’s B2C target market. The executive applied his expertise on the subject. Throughout this collaborative process, the executive tested how his own strategy for adapting his company’s legacy IT system to digital technologies could work in practice. Pragmatic ideas came out on how best to create an “intrapreneurship” culture and help generate innovation internally.

“I have found the Hive model to be surprising and inspiring. Having to work to a deadline and working with an objective turns a ‘nice’ conversation into a ‘real’ business discovery, on both sides.”
– CTO, business data analysis company, June 2016

“I started the Hive process looking for general solutions to develop and grow my business. But more than general, I got very practical and precise solutions that have been hugely valuable and contributed to accelerating our product roll-out and market testing phase.”
– Founder of Rosyboa, a Lookiimedia product



The interaction with peers and entrepreneurs gives the executive the opportunity for benchmarking his strategy and exploring new business models. In a world defined by technology and change, the HUB provides an “on-demand” forum for integrating entrepreneurial thinking into his own professional life.

“We really get to know entrepreneurs, how they think and how they approach their priorities. It’s both humbling and makes you realise what this cross fertilisation can bring to the group.”
– CTO, business data analysis company, June 2016.