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The Executive

A senior executive of a successful fast food delivery company that went from start up to IPO in a few years is looking for a way to “give back”, coach entrepreneurs and stay current with leading innovations.

Matched with…

The founder and CEO of an award-winning mobile identity and mobile payment innovation lead by Telefonica through it’s Wayra accelerator programme.



The pair hit it off immediately and got down to meaningful business conversations very much from the word go. Hive tasked both individuals to work on a presentation about the entrepreneur’s company Ensygnia. By working on a specific, the interaction quickly turned into a real business discovery for both individuals.

For the senior executive, despite his own success story, the relationship swiftly moved beyond a mentor / mentee collaboration to become one where the entrepreneur’s insights, way of thinking and drive became a source of renewed energy and inspiration.

“We quickly became very comfortable with each other and I sensed that my team mate was a great match for me. He shared a similar outlook and approach to business. Talking to an external party who comes at it from a blank sheet of paper with no institutional bias helped me grasp some issues. He had some useful insights into people management and strategy. That was very helpful.”
– Senior Executive, Fast food delivery company, October 2016

For the start-up founder, it confirmed the need to address his sales strategy and process as well as his company’s branding, mission and purpose to ensure alignment. Although already aware that this was something that needed doing, the session gave him a renewed sense of urgency and a better understanding of why this needed to be given priority.

“I was surprised by the outcome. It was fascinating to have in a room all these different stakeholders who could give me an analysis of my business looking at it from their own industry sector and through their lenses.  It gave me practical insights and allowed me to step back and see the bigger picture. Thanks to this, we’re now much more coherent in our approach…

…When you get the opportunity to talk to other people about your challenges and issues, delving deep into the detail and working on finding solutions, you create strong bonds and trust. And when those are coupled with commercial results, then it’s very powerful. ”
– Founder of Ensygnia, October 2016



Acquiring new business practice is like with everything else in life. Turning good intentions and ideas into actual habits and actions requires nurturing, prompting and steering. The Hub provides a platform to motivate and drive personal improvement in members’ professional lives.

“I learned a lot, and I hope I gave a few things to some individuals along the way. It’s a very open forum for discussion and experimentation. And there’s no fear of any consequences. That’s very helpful…

…This conversation for me needs to be on-going, As you start getting under the skin of some people’s businesses you want to keep talking to actually achieve something and it gets more and more interesting…

…The sessions contributed to holding a mirror back at me and made me realize that the only thing holding you back is the perception of your own limitations. It comes down to the combination of talent with psychology that makes a great matching and accelerates personal development.”
– Senior Executive, Fast food delivery company, October 2016